Class SOFTDeferredUpdates

  • public class SOFTDeferredUpdates
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the SOFT_deferred_updates extension.

    This extension allows applications to defer playback state updates. With unextended OpenAL, the playback state would respond to changes as soon as it could handle them, which makes it effectively impossible to ensure multiple changes occur at the same time without the potential of a "partial" update (where one change is heard without the other). This extension provides a way to prevent state updates from occuring until they've all been done, where they will all apply at once.

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      static void alDeferUpdatesSOFT()
      Sometimes it is desirable to ensure multiple state changes take effect at the same time.
      static void alProcessUpdatesSOFT()
      Resumes updates.
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        public static final int AL_DEFERRED_UPDATES_SOFT
        Accepted by the paramName parameter of GetBoolean, GetBooleanv (as well as the Integer, Float, and Double variants).
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      • alDeferUpdatesSOFT

        public static void alDeferUpdatesSOFT()
        Sometimes it is desirable to ensure multiple state changes take effect at the same time. Normally this isn't possible due to the AL processing updates asychronously, so the playback state can be updated with only part of the changes having been specified. An application can prevent these updates by calling this function.

        When called, samples will continue to render and be sent to the output device, but the effects of changing playback properties, such as the source or listener gain, or auxiliary slot gain or effect if EFX is supported, among others, will be deferred. Multiple changes can be batched so that they all apply at once at a later time.

      • alProcessUpdatesSOFT

        public static void alProcessUpdatesSOFT()
        Resumes updates.

        Once called, all pending deferred updates will be processed. Any following state changes will also apply as normal.