Class EXTBFormat

  • public final class EXTBFormat
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the AL_EXT_BFORMAT extension.

    This extension indicates support for the FORMAT_BFORMAT2D_8, FORMAT_BFORMAT2D_16, FORMAT_BFORMAT2D_FLOAT32, FORMAT_BFORMAT3D_8, FORMAT_BFORMAT3D_16 and FORMAT_BFORMAT3D_FLOAT32 buffer formats. These provide 2D (WXY) and 3D (WXYZ) 8bit int, 16bit int and ALfloat support for Ambisonic three- or four-channel B-Format (using W X Y Z channel ordering, encoded as the first three or four channels of Furse-Malham higher order Ambisonics). Use of these formats indicate that sources are Ambisonic sources. Such sources can be oriented via Sourcefv using the ORIENTATION tag, which takes the same parameters as alListenerfv(AL_ORIENTATION,...). Such sources DO support SOURCE_RELATIVE and the soundfield will rotate to reflect the listener's orientation if this is off (the default). Other behaviour is as for stereo or multichannel assets.

    Note that Ambisonics orients X, Y and Z axes in a different way to OpenAL. For clarity, we ignore the Ambisonic coordinate system in the API and stick to the OpenAL one, making sure that the Front of the Ambisonic soundfield (actually Ambisonic +X) matches the Front of the OpenAL coordinate system (-Z by default) etc. For instance, if the orientation of the source is set so that the "at" vector is to the left, then the front of the B-Format soundfield will be presented to the left.