Class ALCCapabilities

  • public final class ALCCapabilities
    extends java.lang.Object
    Defines the capabilities of the OpenAL Context API.
    • Field Detail

      • alcOpenDevice

        public final long alcOpenDevice
      • alcCloseDevice

        public final long alcCloseDevice
      • alcCreateContext

        public final long alcCreateContext
      • alcMakeContextCurrent

        public final long alcMakeContextCurrent
      • alcProcessContext

        public final long alcProcessContext
      • alcSuspendContext

        public final long alcSuspendContext
      • alcDestroyContext

        public final long alcDestroyContext
      • alcGetCurrentContext

        public final long alcGetCurrentContext
      • alcGetContextsDevice

        public final long alcGetContextsDevice
      • alcIsExtensionPresent

        public final long alcIsExtensionPresent
      • alcGetProcAddress

        public final long alcGetProcAddress
      • alcGetEnumValue

        public final long alcGetEnumValue
      • alcGetError

        public final long alcGetError
      • alcGetString

        public final long alcGetString
      • alcGetIntegerv

        public final long alcGetIntegerv
      • alcCaptureOpenDevice

        public final long alcCaptureOpenDevice
      • alcCaptureCloseDevice

        public final long alcCaptureCloseDevice
      • alcCaptureStart

        public final long alcCaptureStart
      • alcCaptureStop

        public final long alcCaptureStop
      • alcCaptureSamples

        public final long alcCaptureSamples
      • alcSetThreadContext

        public final long alcSetThreadContext
      • alcGetThreadContext

        public final long alcGetThreadContext
      • alcGetInteger64vSOFT

        public final long alcGetInteger64vSOFT
      • alcGetStringiSOFT

        public final long alcGetStringiSOFT
      • alcResetDeviceSOFT

        public final long alcResetDeviceSOFT
      • alcLoopbackOpenDeviceSOFT

        public final long alcLoopbackOpenDeviceSOFT
      • alcIsRenderFormatSupportedSOFT

        public final long alcIsRenderFormatSupportedSOFT
      • alcRenderSamplesSOFT

        public final long alcRenderSamplesSOFT
      • alcDevicePauseSOFT

        public final long alcDevicePauseSOFT
      • alcDeviceResumeSOFT

        public final long alcDeviceResumeSOFT
      • OpenALC10

        public final boolean OpenALC10
        When true, ALC10 is supported.
      • OpenALC11

        public final boolean OpenALC11
        When true, ALC11 is supported.

        public final boolean ALC_ENUMERATE_ALL_EXT
        When true, EnumerateAllExt is supported.

        public final boolean ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT
        An OpenAL 1.1 implementation will always support the ALC_ENUMERATION_EXT extension. This extension provides for enumeration of the available OpenAL devices through GetString. An GetString query of DEVICE_SPECIFIER with a NULL device passed in will return a list of devices. Each device name will be separated by a single NULL character and the list will be terminated with two NULL characters.

        public final boolean ALC_EXT_CAPTURE
        When true, EXTCapture is supported.

        public final boolean ALC_EXT_DEDICATED
        When true, EXTDedicated is supported.

        public final boolean ALC_EXT_DEFAULT_FILTER_ORDER
        When true, EXTDefaultFilterOrder is supported.
      • ALC_EXT_disconnect

        public final boolean ALC_EXT_disconnect
        When true, EXTDisconnect is supported.
      • ALC_EXT_EFX

        public final boolean ALC_EXT_EFX
        When true, EXTEfx is supported.
      • ALC_EXT_thread_local_context

        public final boolean ALC_EXT_thread_local_context
        When true, EXTThreadLocalContext is supported.
      • ALC_LOKI_audio_channel

        public final boolean ALC_LOKI_audio_channel
        When true, LOKIAudioChannel is supported.
      • ALC_SOFT_device_clock

        public final boolean ALC_SOFT_device_clock
        When true, SOFTDeviceClock is supported.

        public final boolean ALC_SOFT_HRTF
        When true, SOFTHRTF is supported.
      • ALC_SOFT_loopback

        public final boolean ALC_SOFT_loopback
        When true, SOFTLoopback is supported.
      • ALC_SOFT_output_limiter

        public final boolean ALC_SOFT_output_limiter
        When true, SOFTOutputLimiter is supported.
      • ALC_SOFT_pause_device

        public final boolean ALC_SOFT_pause_device
        When true, SOFTPauseDevice is supported.