Class SQL.Functions

  • Enclosing class:

    public static final class SQL.Functions
    extends java.lang.Object
    Contains the function pointers loaded from the odbc SharedLibrary.
    • Field Detail

      • AllocHandle, Connect, DataSources, GetInfo, GetFunctions, GetTypeInfo, SetConnectAttr, GetConnectAttr, SetEnvAttr, GetEnvAttr, SetStmtAttr, GetStmtAttr, GetDescField, GetDescRec, SetDescField, SetDescRec, CopyDesc, Prepare, GetCursorName, SetCursorName, Execute, ExecDirect, ParamData, PutData, RowCount, NumResultCols, DescribeCol, ColAttribute, BindCol, Fetch, FetchScroll, GetData, GetDiagField, GetDiagRec, FreeStmt, CloseCursor, Cancel, CancelHandle, EndTran, Disconnect, FreeHandle, CompleteAsync, Columns, SpecialColumns, Statistics, Tables, Transact, DriverConnect, BrowseConnect, BulkOperations, ColumnPrivileges, DescribeParam, ExtendedFetch, ForeignKeys, MoreResults, NativeSql, NumParams, ParamOptions, PrimaryKeys, ProcedureColumns, Procedures, SetPos, TablePrivileges, Drivers, BindParameter, AllocHandleStd

        Function address.