Class Blendish

  • public class Blendish
    extends java.lang.Object
    Blendish is a small collection of drawing functions for NanoVG, designed to replicate the look of the Blender 2.5+ User Interface. You can use these functions to theme your UI library. Several metric constants for faithful reproduction are also included.

    Blendish supports the original Blender icon sheet; As the licensing of Blender's icons is unclear, they are not included in Blendish'es repository, but an SVG template, "icons_template.svg" is provided, which you can use to build your own icon sheet.

    To use icons, you must first load the icon sheet using one of the nvgCreateImage*() functions and then pass the image handle to SetIconImage; otherwise, no icons will be drawn. See bndSetIconImage() for more information.

    Blendish will not render text until a suitable UI font has been passed to SetFont has been called. See bndSetFont() for more information.


    There is no support for varying dpi resolutions yet. The library is hardcoded to the equivalent of 72 dpi in the Blender system settings.

    Support for label truncation is missing. Text rendering breaks when widgets are too short to contain their labels.