Class BNDtheme

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.AutoCloseable, NativeResource, Pointer

    public class BNDtheme
    extends Struct
    implements NativeResource
    Describes the theme used to draw widgets.

    Member documentation

    • backgroundColor – the background color of panels and windows
    • regularTheme – theme for labels
    • toolTheme – theme for tool buttons
    • radioTheme – theme for radio buttons
    • textFieldTheme – theme for text fields
    • optionTheme – theme for option buttons (checkboxes)
    • choiceTheme – theme for choice buttons (comboboxes) Blender calls them "menu buttons"
    • numberFieldTheme – theme for number fields
    • sliderTheme – theme for slider controls
    • scrollBarTheme – theme for scrollbars
    • tooltipTheme – theme for tooltips
    • menuTheme – theme for menu backgrounds
    • menuItemTheme – theme for menu items
    • nodeTheme – theme for nodes


     struct BNDtheme {
         NVGcolor backgroundColor;
         BNDwidgetTheme regularTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme toolTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme radioTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme textFieldTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme optionTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme choiceTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme numberFieldTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme sliderTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme scrollBarTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme tooltipTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme menuTheme;
         BNDwidgetTheme menuItemTheme;
         BNDnodeTheme nodeTheme;