Class LLVMSupport

  • public class LLVMSupport
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • nLLVMLoadLibraryPermanently

        public static int nLLVMLoadLibraryPermanently​(long Filename)
        Unsafe version of: LoadLibraryPermanently
      • LLVMLoadLibraryPermanently

        public static boolean LLVMLoadLibraryPermanently​(java.nio.ByteBuffer Filename)
        public static boolean LLVMLoadLibraryPermanently​(java.lang.CharSequence Filename)
        This function permanently loads the dynamic library at the given path. It is safe to call this function multiple times for the same library.
      • nLLVMParseCommandLineOptions

        public static void nLLVMParseCommandLineOptions​(int argc,
                                                        long argv,
                                                        long Overview)
        Unsafe version of: ParseCommandLineOptions
      • LLVMParseCommandLineOptions

        public static void LLVMParseCommandLineOptions​(PointerBuffer argv,
                                                       java.nio.ByteBuffer Overview)
        public static void LLVMParseCommandLineOptions​(PointerBuffer argv,
                                                       java.lang.CharSequence Overview)
        This function parses the given arguments using the LLVM command line parser.

        Note that the only stable thing about this function is its signature; you cannot rely on any particular set of command line arguments being interpreted the same way across LLVM versions.

      • nLLVMSearchForAddressOfSymbol

        public static long nLLVMSearchForAddressOfSymbol​(long symbolName)
        Unsafe version of: SearchForAddressOfSymbol
      • LLVMSearchForAddressOfSymbol

        public static long LLVMSearchForAddressOfSymbol​(java.nio.ByteBuffer symbolName)
        public static long LLVMSearchForAddressOfSymbol​(java.lang.CharSequence symbolName)
        This function will search through all previously loaded dynamic libraries for the symbol symbolName. If it is found, the address of that symbol is returned. If not, null is returned.
      • nLLVMAddSymbol

        public static void nLLVMAddSymbol​(long symbolName,
                                          long symbolValue)
        Unsafe version of: AddSymbol
      • LLVMAddSymbol

        public static void LLVMAddSymbol​(java.nio.ByteBuffer symbolName,
                                         long symbolValue)
        public static void LLVMAddSymbol​(java.lang.CharSequence symbolName,
                                         long symbolValue)
        This functions permanently adds the symbol symbolName with the value symbolValue. These symbols are searched before any libraries.