Class LLVMAnalysis

  • public class LLVMAnalysis
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Method Detail

      • nLLVMVerifyModule

        public static int nLLVMVerifyModule​(long M,
                                            int Action,
                                            long OutMessage)
        Unsafe version of: VerifyModule
      • LLVMVerifyModule

        public static boolean LLVMVerifyModule​(long M,
                                               int Action,
                                               PointerBuffer OutMessage)
        Verifies that a module is valid, taking the specified action if not. Optionally returns a human-readable description of any invalid constructs. OutMessage must be disposed with DisposeMessage.
      • LLVMVerifyFunction

        public static boolean LLVMVerifyFunction​(long Fn,
                                                 int Action)
        Verifies that a single function is valid, taking the specified action. Useful for debugging.
      • LLVMViewFunctionCFG

        public static void LLVMViewFunctionCFG​(long Fn)
        Open up a ghostview window that displays the CFG of the current function. Useful for debugging.
      • LLVMViewFunctionCFGOnly

        public static void LLVMViewFunctionCFGOnly​(long Fn)