Class GLFWNativeNSGL

  • public class GLFWNativeNSGL
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the GLFW library's NSGL native access functions.
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      static class  GLFWNativeNSGL.Functions
      Contains the function pointers loaded from GLFW.getLibrary().
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      static long glfwGetNSGLContext​(long window)
      Returns the NSOpenGLContext of the specified GLFW window.
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      • glfwGetNSGLContext

        public static long glfwGetNSGLContext​(long window)
        Returns the NSOpenGLContext of the specified GLFW window.

        Note: This function may be called from any thread. Access is not synchronized.

        window - the GLFW window
        The NSOpenGLContext of the specified window, or nil if an error occurred.
        version 3.0