Package org.lwjgl.egl

Class NVStreamFIFOSynchronous

  • public final class NVStreamFIFOSynchronous
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the NV_stream_fifo_synchronous extension.

    On platforms which support asynchronous rendering, frames may be inserted into a stream by the producer and become available to the consumer before rendering of the images has completed. When this happens, commands issued by the consumer which read from the image must implicitly wait before they can be executed. In many use cases, this is desirable behavior. Rendering pipelines are kept full, and frames are created and processed as fast as possible.

    However, in the case of a compositor which is consuming frames from multiple producers at once, combining them into a single output image, this can slow the compositor to the frame rate of the slowest producer. If the application acquires and uses an image from one producer which requires a long time to finish rendering, it will be prevented from presenting new frames from faster producers in a timely fashion. In this case, the compositor would prefer to reuse an older frame from the slower producer until the new one is ready.

    This could be handled with existing interfaces by the producer issuing appropriate Finish call before inserting the frame into the stream. However this requires the producer to have knowledge of the consumer's use case, and also introduces undesirable bubbles into the producer's pipeline which will slow it even further.

    This extension allows streams to be configured to defer the availability of new frames inserted by the producer until they are ready to be used. The producer proceeds as normal, but the frames visible to the consumer through query and acquire operations do not update immediately.

    Interactions of this feature with a stream operating in mailbox mode would be hard to define. Because newly inserted frames replace previous unacquired ones, it is possible that the consumer would never see a completed frame become available. Therefore this feature is only available for streams operating in FIFO mode.

    Requires KHR_stream_fifo.

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