Package org.lwjgl.egl

Class NVNativeQuery

  • public class NVNativeQuery
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the NV_native_query extension.

    This extension allows an application to query which native display, pixmap and surface corresponds to a EGL object.

    • Method Detail

      • neglQueryNativeDisplayNV

        public static int neglQueryNativeDisplayNV​(long dpy,
                                                   long display_id)
      • eglQueryNativeDisplayNV

        public static boolean eglQueryNativeDisplayNV​(long dpy,
                                                      PointerBuffer display_id)
      • neglQueryNativeWindowNV

        public static int neglQueryNativeWindowNV​(long dpy,
                                                  long surf,
                                                  long window)
      • eglQueryNativeWindowNV

        public static boolean eglQueryNativeWindowNV​(long dpy,
                                                     long surf,
                                                     PointerBuffer window)
      • neglQueryNativePixmapNV

        public static int neglQueryNativePixmapNV​(long dpy,
                                                  long surf,
                                                  long pixmap)
      • eglQueryNativePixmapNV

        public static boolean eglQueryNativePixmapNV​(long dpy,
                                                     long surf,
                                                     PointerBuffer pixmap)