Package org.lwjgl.egl

Class EXTOutputDRM

  • public final class EXTOutputDRM
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_output_drm extension.

    Increasingly, EGL and its client APIs are being used in place of "native" rendering APIs to implement the basic graphics functionality of native windowing systems. This creates demand for a method to initialize EGL displays and surfaces directly on top of native GPU or device objects rather than native window system objects. The mechanics of enumerating the underlying native devices and constructing EGL displays and surfaces from them have been solved in various platform and implementation- specific ways. The EGL device family of extensions offers a standardized framework for bootstrapping EGL without the use of any underlying "native" APIs or functionality.

    These extensions define how to map device and output handles between EGL and DRM/KMS. An EGL implementation which provides these extensions must have access to sufficient knowledge of the DRM implementation to be able to perform these mappings. No requirements are imposed on how this information is obtained, nor does this support have any implications for how EGL devices and outputs are implemented. Among the possibilities, support may be implemented in a generic fashion by layering on top of DRM, or EGL and DRM backends may be provided by the same vendor and share privileged lower level resources. An implementation which supports these extensions may support other low level device interfaces, such as OpenWF Display, as well.

    Requires EXT_output_base.