Package org.lwjgl.egl

Class EXTClientSync

  • public class EXTClientSync
    extends java.lang.Object
    Native bindings to the EXT_client_sync extension.

    The KHR_reusable_sync extension defines an SYNC_REUSABLE_KHR EGLSync type which is signaled and unsignaled by client events. The EXT_sync_reuse extension allows all EGLSyncs to become reusable. The signaling behavior associated with EGL_SYNC_REUSABLE_KHR is still desirable, but the name becomes misleading if all EGLSyncs can be reused. This extension defines an EGLSync type with equivalent behavior, separating the signaling mechanism from the reusability.

    Requires EXT_sync_reuse.

    • Method Detail

      • neglClientSignalSyncEXT

        public static int neglClientSignalSyncEXT​(long dpy,
                                                  long sync,
                                                  long attrib_list)
      • eglClientSignalSyncEXT

        public static boolean eglClientSignalSyncEXT​(long dpy,
                                                     long sync,
                                                     PointerBuffer attrib_list)